Saturday, 13 September 2008

River Walk

I had a nice river walk today. Many people were out and about walking, cycling and resting along the river bank. During my walk, I saw flowers, fruits, plants and animals, which all made me wonder how great God's creation is.

The tranquilised ambiance impacts on the busy mind. For me, it is much easier to unwind and renew the energy for the busy week ahead by strolling along the river. I also wonder, how many people are fortunate enough to go for a river walk. I count my blessings and they are uncountable!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Natural disasters

During the week, we saw different kinds of natural disasters happened in different parts of the world.

These are the news headlines from the BBC website.
Caribbean lashed by Hurricane Ike (America)
'Hundreds' killed by Haiti storm (America)
Deadly rockslide hits Cairo homes (Middle East)
Town evacuated after brook bursts (Europe)
Assam towns threatened by floods (Asia)
'Dozens die' in Mozambique fires (Africa)

My heart goes out to the people who suffered from these disasters. In such events, everyone must have panicked and scared, and might not have a clue what to do. Many lost their lives while running away from the disaster. Many were left behind with their lives messed up.